Dancing Through the Decades with Dance Caliente
Fee: $850.

  • Performance by Eileen Herman-Haase and Raul Nieves (owners of Dance Caliente), in period costumes, of 6 or more theatrical ballroom dances.
  • Lessons designed for audience members occurring between most dances.
  • Stories about the political and cultural time in which each dance was most popular.
  • Use of Dance Caliente’s audio equipment including its set-up and breakdown.
  • Consultations regarding room set-up and alterations to programming to best suit venue’s needs.
  • Local travel to and from venue. Please note that distances greater than a one-hour drive may have an additional fee.
  • Assistance regarding Grant Applications.
Photos used with permission of GateHouse Media NewEngland /Medford Transcript
In the interest of making this program available to all, we have kept the fee at a bare minimum. However, should your funding be limited, please call Dance Caliente and consider:
  • Applying for a Local Cultural Council Grant
  • Making use of Marketing/Out-Reach Funds
  • Finding a Sponsor